My husband and I have been trying intermittent fasting. I kept feeling light-headed but then tried Likewise to keep us going through the morning and WOW— a HUGE difference.
Mira F.
Likewise has been a complete game-changer for my morning routine. I was looking for a good coffee alternative that still gives me a boost, and now I'm hooked.
Jamie L.
I was curious about adaptogens and decided to give this a try. WOW. I feel a difference throughout the entire day. No crash, I sharp and ready to go. I hope they make more products; this is amazing.
Matt R.
I'm a commercial airline pilot and on the go 90% of the year. This is my new favorite flight companion. Convenient, easy to make no matter where you are, and keeps me alert even after a long day. Try it out!
Craig M.
Brodo has been my daily bone broth for a few years now. Decided to try likewise after a friend recommended it. I'll definitely be re-ordering, the monthly subscription makes it so easy.
Caitlyn K.
I got a starter pack to try out after my physician recommended trying bone broth for my stomach issues. It makes such a big difference for me, but now my husband is hooked too and he keeps drinking all of mine ;(
Kathy B.
I like wise brands and healthy products, and Likewise is both! Try it with a squeeze of lemon; it's SOOOOO good. With all the goodies inside, I can't believe it tastes so good.
Megan R.
I'm always a bit skeptical of powdered drink products, but this one is packed with flavor and keeps me full for hours. The ginger really smooths out my stomach in the morning; perfect meal replacement.
Lynn D.
This is the PERFECT hangover remedy. I don't know what it is, but after a long night, Likewise is the only thing that makes me feel normal again. It SAVED me at Coachella.
Amanda D.
Can be hard to mix by hand but tastes great. Use a bit more water than you think, and an electric mixer makes a huge difference. I love the flavor and consistency. It's so smooth with a little kick at the end.
Nick M.
I usually get my daily fix at Erewhon, but I recently had a trip coming up and decided to give this a try since I would be on the road. Something about all the flavors from the adaptogens is so good. Highly recommend.
Rick B.
With all the talk about adaptogens recently, I decided to try this out. I take Adderall daily and have been looking for a natural remedy to help me focus. This is the first thing I have tried that I can actually FEEL!
Ian H.
Excellent addition to my microdosing regimen. It pairs really well with the 5-htp and Turkey tail that I already take.
Chris F.
Recently got a few packs of this from a friend and I'm an instant fan. My wife who hates bone broth even started taking it. Now I just have to figure out how to make her get HER OWN subscription lol.
Nico L.
Still prefer a liquid broth when I'm at home and have the time to make it, but this is an excellent option when you are on the go. I feel like I had a full meal after. My new favorite road companion.
Katie G.
Tastes great, a bit more complex than a normal bone broth but I like it. If you are a fan of golden milk, this tastes like a blend of broth and golden milk with some ginger in the mix as well.
Emma G.
I'm in the gym twice a day, and this is my new favorite pre-ritual. Keeps me sustained and clear through both sessions. 8 grams of protein makes it easy to incorporate. Big Fan.
Mary D.

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